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There is a lot of crap out there about Cecil Rhodes and his associates. This website will attempt to give a more realistic and truer picture of the man. Some of the better books about him I have listed in the book section.. so that you can read more about him as others have known him. I have also included a couple books not done by people who actually knew Rhodes, just so you can see the contrast. Those who have known him speak from direct knowledge of the man; while the others used second-hand resources and many times, inserted their own opinions, prejudices and played amateur psychologist... so I would take them with a big grain of salt. Of course those who have known Rhodes first-hand have their own prejudices and opinions of the man also, but at least they speak with intimate knowledge of the man.

Unlike most sites that deal with Rhodes, I am going to provide sources to everythnig on this site and hope to keep my own personal views out of the discussion. We all need to make our own decisions based on how we evaluate the sources and on facts as much as possible. Too many sites make unsubstaniated allegations about Rhodes with no supporting evidence.. they seem to think their saying something makes it the "truth". Judge for yourself.

Cecil Rhodes

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